Shane Bisgood
Owner and Commercial Boat Operator
Derryinver, Clifden, Co. Galway

As an owner and commercial operator of boats, I searched for three years for a marine engineer who would understand and care for all the systems on my boats as much or hopefully more than I. Joe Kirwan came to me by recommendation of a friend and fellow operator, whose comment was simple. "Whether you have a problem with your vessel or you require reliable maintenance, Joe will provide one with considerable expertise in all areas, utter professionalism and a peace of mind for the systems we both rely upon when out at sea".

I have enjoyed this close relationship with Joe for several years now and when embarking upon a project to build a brand new boat it seemed inconceivable to travel this road without Joe’s advice and design ability. As a result I now have a superbly functional and well specified vessel. The electrical systems provide back up for each other, the circuit boards, switching panels, battery condition banks, inverters, navionics, engines and marine transmissions suggested, designed, installed and all commissioned by Joe have hugely impressed me and the professionals who have viewed this vessel and they have also greatly impressed the Dept. of Transport’s Mercantile Marine Surveyor’s Office who have given their approval to and license for the intended operational areas and criteria.

This realises the commercial potential of the vessel and enables me to concentrate on marketing and the operational needs rather than worry about its functioning correctly or a short fall in the right equipment for the job. For this I shall remain extremely grateful.

Seanie Murphy
Ocean Quest Ltd.

Valentia Island, Co.Kerry.

Recently I heard that Joe Kirwan of Kirwan Marine was putting together a website and I felt that I should give people an insight into my experiences when dealing with Joe.

I have had the pleasure of using Joe as my engineer for our boats for the past 14 years (We run a Marine Tourism Operation) and in all of that time I have never been let down. I have called him at different times of the day and sometimes night and he has always been forthcoming with his advice. His ability to diagnose a problem even over the phone when given the symptoms of the fault has always amazed me.

When you have a serious problem like an engine down Joe goes out of his way to get you up and running again, I have first hand experience of this. As late as last week I had an engine that went down so I contacted Joe and told him of my problem.

Joe started working on an engine late into the night and again early morning at 5 am.
He then came to meet me with the engine and we met at Birdhill at 0730hrs. We lost out on only one day’s operation thanks to Joe's help.

So in conclusion what I am saying is that I would recommend Joe Kirwan to anyone who wants a good efficient and friendly service.

Noel T. Kavanagh, M.V.B., D.P.M., M.B.A.E., D.E.C.H.P.M., F.R.C.V.S.
Private Motor Boat Owner

For upwards of 30 years Joe Kirwan has provided me with a range of engineering, electrical, and electronic technical services, initially in Ireland and more recently in France.

His meticulous attention to detail in his work has maximised the safety, reliability, comfort and enjoyment of our boating experiences.

He possesses unique and powerful talents, based on a combination of technical expertise, innovation and a sound practical approach to his work.

I have no hesitation in giving him my highest recommendation.


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